Frequently Asked Questions

About the products

1. How long does it take to see the results?

You would notice the improvement in your general hair health within two weeks. The results for hair growth are very individual, depending on your usual growth and the health of hair. It can be anywhere between two weeks to 3 months. We recommend the minimum use of the products of three months. However, if you love the results you may just stick to the products the same way you use your favorite lotion and keep using them daily.

2. Can I use Placent Activ products on children?

Our products are suitable for children of 5 years and above.
We do not recommend the products on younger children as their hair has not been exposed to any damage and thereby do not need an extra boost. 

3. Do Placent Activ products help against baldness?

Placent Activ hair products can not help against clinical baldness (e.g. aging), but they can help when the hair loss is a result of any external damage. The products also work well to help grow back the hair after cancer treatment.

4. Are there any side effects?

The serum, shampoo & conditioner are based on 100% natural placenta extract. There are no known side effects. The hair vitamins are a combination of vitamins. Be mindful that you are not allergic to any vitamins that are combined into the product.

5. Am I not going to start growing hair on unwanted areas when I swallow vitamins?

No! Our vitamins do not contain any hormones, so they can not grow hair in unwanted areas.

About the delivery, payment methods & wholesale


1. Can I pay in cash on delivery?

We accept cash on delivery payment option for orders within Kampala that have been placed directly through WhatsApp or on phone 0787 141 359.

2. Do you have wholesale prices for re-sellers & saloons?

Yes, we do! Please call or WhatsApp us on 0787 141 359 or contact us through the contact form.

3. Can I come and buy the products without delivery?

Yes. Our products are available over 50 selling points in Kampala, a few in Entebbe, Jinja and Mbarara. Check the full list HERE.

4. Can you arrange the deliveries to other countries than Uganda?

Please contact us on WhatsApp on 0787 141 359 or fill the contact form and we will try to find the best possible solution to fulfill your order.