A receding hairline – what is the cause?

A receding hairline can be a problem for many women. It is not always known that we, ourselves, can ruin our hair. Is this a permanent problem or is there a cure?

If you have noticed that the hair on your crown and temples keeps thinning, you are not alone. Women with Afro-hair – coarse and curly – are more likely to suffer from balding because of the way they style their hair.  Tight braiding, weaves and extensions are a major contributing factor.

Braids may cause permanent hair loss

A receding hairline is a problem that mainly concerns women who like to tightly braid their hair. Braids make living with big hair a lot easier and they look beautiful. Hair that is braided straight from the hairline looks especially beautiful, but the results may be harmful. Braided hair is constantly under great pressure. Over time, hair follicles under pressure will become weaker and weaker and will no longer be able to hold the hair to the scalp.  

The best-case scenario is that after the hair has fallen out, it will grow back after it has regained its strength. The worst-case scenario is that it will never grow back. This process is known as “traction alopecia”, which is caused by a pulling force being applied to the scalp. Artificial hair braids used by many women also place great pressure on the hair.

Many women are ashamed of this problem, as most women are proud of their strong and beautiful hair. Trying to hide the problem, however, may worsen the situation even more or hinder finding a solution. Adding hair extensions or wearing wigs are not the best solutions. 

Other reasons for baldness

Hair loss may also be caused by other factors, such as a hormonal imbalance. If you see some troubling symptoms of hair loss, you should book a visit to your doctor and ask them to measure your hormone levels.

Hair growth may also be affected by pregnancy – especially in the case of consecutive pregnancies. Even though the health of hair may be fine when pregnant, your hair may start thinning excessively after giving birth. This means that there is a hormonal imbalance but luckily, in most cases, hair growth will restore itself in six to nine months. Having a critical look at your hair care products and routine will usually suffice.

How to cure a receding hairline?

It is possible to cure temporary hair loss. To restore hair growth, you should first give your tired scalp a rest. Avoid pulling your hair and making tight braids. Do not braid the short hair emerging from the hairline at all. 

More and more women have started to embrace their hair type and prefer more natural hair styling. If you still wish to style your hair in braids, remember not to apply pressure or cause pain to the scalp. Instead of thin braids, create thicker ones.

Stop any chemical processing of your hair, e.g. colouring and chemical straightening, for some time. Treat your hair with care – comb it very gently and use shampoos, conditioners and serums (without mineral oils) that will not harm the skin. For example, you can make a mixture of tea tree, coconut, jojoba, almond and aragan oils – this will help unclog hair follicles and nourish your hair’s roots.

A well-balanced diet may also work wonders for your hair. It is no surprise that a diet lacking in nutrients may dramatically affect hair growth. Hair needs a lot of vitamin C, B and selenium, present in fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to a nutritious diet, a gentle head massage may also have a positive effect – something that is completely free of charge and you can do on your own.

Be patient!

It is good to remember that the most effective means of treatment is prevention. If you do need a cure, just give it some time. There is no point in looking for a miracle treatment that promises instant results, and then change the treatment if it does not work. Nothing happens overnight. However, being patient and treating your hair gently with the correct treatment will help your hair regain its strength and vitality, and get back your beautiful hairline.

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